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Network for Interdisciplinary Climate Research


Here you find news related to the activities of the Climate Network as well as other relevant information from its members.

News list

  • Network Meeting 28 February 2020

  • UZH becomes a hub for SDG 13 climate action !

    Boost to UZH's climate research

  • SUDAC project with participation of network members

    New network to develop and implement joint teaching programs on climate change adaptation

  • New SNIS project by a team of network members

    Designing Effective Regulation for Carbon Markets at the International, National, and Subnational Level

  • Workshop & Network Meeting: 11 January 2019

  • Workshop And Network Meeting: November 28

  • Workshop & network meeting October 25

  • Network meeting and Workshop "What ambitions for Paris"

    Network meeting with ZMSA Workshop and Apéro.

  • COP 21 - Climate Finance

    The climate network is planning to hold a side event on Climate Finance at the UNFCCC COP 21.

  • Meeting IPCC 5th Assessement Report

    The fifth assessment report is now out. 

  • ETH Klimarunde

    ETH-Klimarunde: Welche Schlüsse ziehen wir aus dem IPCC UNO-Klimabericht 2013?

  • UZH Ethics speaker series

    URPP Ethics series of talks 2013

  • PhD Colloquium on Climate Change – Science, Economics, and Policy

    The Collquium on "Climate Change – Science, Economics, and Policy" will take place on 5 and 12 Februaryth2013.

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